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Illinois Police Crackdown on Drunk Driving

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Drunk driving is a problem throughout the United States. It is the cause of injuries, death, damages and devastating legal consequences. Individuals who are tempted to get behind the wheel after a few drinks should think again. Prevention is always better than the alternative. In the state of Illinois, the...
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What is Probation?

Not every conviction means jail time. Sometimes you will receive probation instead of a jail sentence, or a shorter jail sentence that includes probation. While not every criminal offense allows for probation, if you’ve never been convicted before and the offense is not severe, probation is a possibility. It still...
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Men More Likely to Drink and Drive

Only 23 percent of those arrested in Illinois for driving under the influence (DUI) are women, yet they make up half of all licensed drivers.  These stats from the Illinois DUI Fact Book show that 77 percent of those arrested for DUI are men (men drunk driving).  The group with...
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DUI: A Too Common Misjudgment

DUI Consequences Illinois | Best Illinois DUI Lawyer
DUI Consequences Illinois After his arrest for DUI this past Saturday, Dak Prescott released a statement apologizing for his behavior. He said, “I’m very remorseful for my misjudgment. I want to apologize to my true supporters, my family, Mississippi State University, the NFL, and the kids who look up to...
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Repeat DUIs May Mean Serving Big Time

Just last month an Elgin woman was sentenced to serve 13 years after she plead guilty to her 5th and 6th DUI (repeat DUI).  Cheri Bookman, 48, plead guilty to two counts of aggravated DUI--one a Class 1 felony and the other a Class X felony.  In January of 2015...
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Victim in domestic battery case put in jail in Will County

see,0,1456646.story Imo, just an awful decision by a judge in Will county. The victim in a aggravated domestic battery case refused to testify against the alleged attacker, who was her boyfriend. Happens every day in courtrooms around the country. Many if not most of the victims of domestic violence...
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