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Forced Blood Draw for DUI: Definitive Guide for Illinois DUI

DUI Blood Draw Illinois | Best DUI Lawyer Chicago
What is a Forced Blood Draw for DUI in Illinois? As Americans, we hold the basic constitutional right to refuse unlawful and unreasonable searches and seizures by the police. This is the reasoning behind why you have the right to refuse a breath test if pulled over for suspicion of...
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Misdemeanor DUI Illinois

Misdemeanor DUI Illinois
You've received a misdemeanor DUI in Illinois, and are probably worried and upset. You may be concerned about the penalties imposed by the court, and whether you'll have fines or lose your driver's license. The extent of your penalties and the sentencing depends on many circumstances, but having legal representation...
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Illinois DUI Cost

DUI Cost Illinois | How much does the Average DUI Cost?
DUI Cost Illinois How Much Does a DUI Cost in Illinois? When you consider the cost of a potential DUI in Illinois, you might only consider the fine that you'll have to pay, mandated by the state or the local division of law enforcement involved in your case. The true...
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DUI Probation in Illinois

DUI Probation in Illinois | Chicago DUI Lawyer
Common DUI Probation in Illinois Information We all know it is against the law in Illinois for any person to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants. Furthermore, we can be arrested for intoxication if our blood alcohol level is .08 percent or...
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Watch out for these Top Three Illinois DUI Laws in 2019

Illinois DUI Laws 2019 | Illinois DUI Lawyer
Getting pulled over for a DUI in Illinois can have serious legal and financial consequences for you, friends, or family members. Additionally, laws are not stagnant and subject to change. Such changes have entered the Illinois legal code serving as an enhancement charge that can significantly heighten your legal jeopardy....
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Attorney-Client Privilege in Illinois (DUI Defense Lawyer)

Illinois DUI Lawyer Attorney-Client Privilege | Chicago DUI Attorney (Cook County)
What is the Law Regarding Attorney-Client Privilege in Illinois? When defendants charged with DUI refuse to answer prosecutorial questions by invoking attorney-client privilege in Illinois, this means they think they have the legal right to withhold certain communications that occurred between them and their Chicago DUI attorney. Criteria qualifying a...
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How to Get Your DUI Arrest Records in Illinois

How to get your DUI arrest records in Illinois | DUI Lawyer
DUI Arrest Records in Illinois If you've ever been arrested for drinking and driving in Illinois, even if you weren't charged for the crime, your DUI arrest record can come back to haunt you later on. If you're applying for a job, especially one that involves driving, or you need...
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Implied Consent DUI Law Illinois

Implied Consent Law Illinois DUI Lawyer in Chicago
DUI Consent Law in Illinois DUI Implied consent law plays the most important role when it comes to driving under the influence, or DUI, cases. Such cases may be complicated to understand, since a person doesn’t have to do anything to infringe on him or herself. In large part, it...
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The Definitive Guide to the Illinois DUI Evaluation Process

Illinois DUI Evaluation Process | DUI Attorney
Illinois DUI Evaluation Illinois Law mandates DUI offenders undergo a DUI evaluation. A DUI evaluation (also called a Alcohol and Drug Uniform Report), is designed to determine if the offender is likely to be caught driving under the influence in the future. Anyone required to have a DUI evaluation will...
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Illinois E-Warrants for Blood Tests

Illinois DUI E-Warrant for Blood Tests Lawyer
Many men and women would be shocked to learn a police officer pulling a person over for swerving can demand a blood test on the spot. Under Illinois law, it is now possible for this to happen right at the curb. Individuals who may never have faced this type of...
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The DUI Lookback Period in Illinois

Illinois DUI Lookback Period | DUI Lawyer Chicago
How long does a DUI stay on your record in Illinois? Illinois DUI Lookback Period In some states, after a period of five or ten years, any DUIs drop off the permanent driving record and do not count when considering future convictions. A new conviction after the dui lookback period...
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What happens when you are Arrested for an Illinois DUI with a Child Passenger?

DUI w/ Kids (Passengers) in Illinois | Chicago DUI Lawyer
Child Endangerment Child endangerment occurs when a minor is put in harm's way as a result of a parent or guardian’s reckless behavior. The charge can be very serious and courts show no leniency. If the court suspects a child might continue to be endangered, they may take away custodial...
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Broken Windows Policing In Illinois

Broken Windows Policing In Illinois
What is Broken Windows Policing? Dennis Dwyer is a top Criminal Defense Lawyer in Illinois. The first time the broken windows model of policing was described was the year 1982. It was first featured in a seminal article done by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling in The Atlantic...
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Selling Your Home with Pets

Selling Your Home with Pets | Illinois Real Estate Lawyer
Anyone who is in real estate will readily share their experience with you, and warn about the volatility of the real estate market. As a realtor, when you find a client, you try as hard as you can to hold onto him or her, because closing a deal is not...
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How To Access Your Cook County Police Records

Cook County Police Records | Cook County Criminal Lawyer
Dennis Dwyer is a DUI Attorney located in Bridgeview, Illinois. Dennis has a perfect 10 rating on Avvo, and is ranked top 20 Criminal Defense Lawyers in Chicago by Expertise. Cook County Police Records In 1991, the Uniform Conviction Information Act mandated by Illinois, ensured that all criminal history record...
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