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The DUI Process in Illinois

Every DUI case is unique and you’ll need the representation of an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney. Contact Dennis Dwyer at 708-233-6100 immediately to begin the process of protecting every right you have throughout the process under the laws of Illinois. Go with an experienced Chicago DUI Lawyer.

The Arrest

DUIs Illinois The Arrest
The DUI (Driving Under the Influence) process begins the moment the police officer suspects impaired driving.

The Trial

DUIs Illinois - The Trial
The DUI charge itself is a criminal charge. At court, the driver will appear in front of a judge and will be advised of the charge.

Petition for Your License

DUI Laws Illinois Petition for Your License
Within 90 days of an arrest, the driver can petition the court for a hearing to rescind the suspension and must additionally be provided a hearing within 30 days of filing or on the initial court date.

Post Trial and Sentencing

DUI Laws Illinois Petition for Your License
If the finding is not guilty, the driver will be discharged without consequence. If the finding is guilty, a sentence hearing will be held.

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