Category: Domestic Violence Cases

Victim in domestic battery case put in jail in Will County

see,0,1456646.story Imo, just an awful decision by a judge in Will county. The victim in a aggravated domestic battery case refused to testify against the alleged attacker, who was her boyfriend. Happens every day in courtrooms around the country. Many if not most of the victims of domestic violence...
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Be Careful What You Post on Social Networking Sites

Interesting article in the Tribune last week:,0,5797986.story A woman bragging on Facebook about a battery she committed the night before at a nightclub leads to her being charged with Aggravated Battery. It should be rather obvious, but if you commit a crime and do not get caught, probably not...
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What can I expect when charged with domestic battery?

Having talked to many clients as a defense attorney handling domestic violence offenses and to many victims as a prosecutor, I have learned that there is a lot of misinformation out there concerning how the court system handles domestic violence cases. This blog hopefully will clear up some of those...
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