Possession of a Controlled Substance

Illinois recognizes the danger of drug abuse, and as a result created the Illinois Controlled Substances Act which regulates the sale, possession and use of many drugs. Lawmakers understand the difference between types of drug use and the difference between unlawful users and those trafficking illegal drugs. Penalties for illegal...
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Is Using Ambien a Defense to DUI in Illinois?

Ambien is a pill used to induce sleep for people suffering from insomnia. One of the possible side effects is “sleep-driving.” This occurs when a person takes an ambien, goes to bed and subsequently gets up and drives unknowingly. Later the person will have no recollection of driving. Some Ambien...
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New Plan to Ease DUI Restrictions in Illinois

Currently under Illinois law, a fourth DUI (driving under the influence) conviction results in lifetime revocation of driving privileges. Illinois lawmakers hope to change this law and give four time DUI offenders another chance. Secretary of State records indicate that 380 drivers in Illinois had their license revoked in 2013....
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Illinois DUI Penalties

Illinois DUI Penalties Each state has its own laws and penalties regarding driving under the influence (DUI). Regulations and penalties regarding DUI have also changed over the years. Experienced DUI attorneys know the intricacies of the current DUI laws in the state where they practice. Chicago DUI attorneys have the expertise to...
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Rising Number of DUIs by Women

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal across the country. Though the population is pretty evenly divided, roughly half male, half female, drunk driving is not so evenly divided. According to the Illinois 2014 DUI fact book, the average DUI offender is a male under the age...
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Best Chicago DUI Attorney

DUI charges in Chicago can carry serious legal penalties including, suspension of license, high fines, and jail time.  A charge of this nature can be overwhelming and confusing.  An excellent Chicago DUI attorney can help navigate the legal system, clarify the process, and represent your case in court. It is...
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Valentine’s Day DUI

Valentine’s Day should be a romantic day to celebrate with that special someone in your life. Make sure to focus on the romance, and stay out of the headlines by avoiding a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. A romantic dinner or night on the town may involve sharing a...
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Motorcycle DUI

Motorcycles are fun, exciting and can make you popular faster than just about anything else out there. Guys want to know the specs and how fast you’ve taken it. Girls want to take a ride - holding on tight around your waist as you take the corners. The thrill of...
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5 Tips to Avoid a Thanksgiving DUI

For many, this time of the year is the time to create unforgettable memories and traditions or reminisce of old times past. It is a time to eat turkey, watch football, and spend quality time with the ones you love. Friends and family begin gathering together to give thanks for...
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DUI Consequences

“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice” -A universal paradox that we believe we can do whatever we want moment to moment. The truth is that, at times, our choices have far reaching consequences. The less important choices are what to...
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Chicago Boating DUI Law Changes

Boating DUI Chicago | Best Defense Lawyer for Boating DUI
New laws are proposed to enforce stricter laws for people using the waterways for recreation. Sen. Julie Morrison (Democrat - Deerfield) is sponsoring a bill which will require anyone convicted of operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol to have their drivers license on land revoked for three...
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Halloween DUI Safety

Statistics show that October 2012 was the worst month for alcohol related fatalities. This year, police departments everywhere are cracking down to make this Halloween a safe Halloween for everyone. If you are charged with a DUI in Chicago you face thousands of dollars in fines, impounding fees, drug and...
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10 Ways to Beat a DUI in Chicago

How to Beat a DUI in Illinois When you find yourself getting pulled over by flashing lights and a very official police car, your first response is probably going to be panic. However, there is no need to panic and every reason to stay calm and level-headed. Here are 10...
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Avoid a DUI in Chicago on Labor Day

With the end of the summer approaching and Labor Day marking the end of the season, many people are planning trips and organizing parties. As a federal holiday that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers, all government offices, organizations, schools and several businesses are closed on Labor Day...
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Weaving DUI

There are many signs that Chicago police officers look for as indicators of drunk driving. Weaving is one of the most common reasons people are pulled over and given a DUI charge in Chicago. Once pulled over, breathalyzers and field sobriety tests can be administered to determine whether or not...
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