Motorcycle DUI

Motorcycles are fun, exciting and can make you popular faster than just about anything else out there. Guys want to know the specs and how fast you’ve taken it. Girls want to take a ride – holding on tight around your waist as you take the corners. The thrill of accelerating, the way the wind feels in your face, feeling the bike respond as you put in the clutch to shift gears. Nothing else feels quite like it. A motorcycle will change the way you see the world. Riding a motorcycle will change the way the world sees you.

Showing up to your 10 year high school reunion riding a motorcycle can automatically elevate your status with your former peers. The stereotype is that people who have motorcycles are cool. There is a degree of fearlessness that comes with being willing to take your life into your own hands while going from one place to another. Motor vehicles can be dangerous, but a motorcycle removes just about every safety precaution that modern technology has placed in major transportation to protect our bodies. The motorcycle is the way that bad-boys travel.

Imagine that you are out with friends for the first time on your new motorcycle. You are celebrating getting the bike; a promotion at work or maybe that you just moved into the perfect place. It is a night of entertainment with your best friends. You feel like you are on top of the world and you think that feeling will last a life time. This could be the best day of your life. You have a great job, a fabulous place to live your life, the greatest friends at your side while you experience this thrilling life!

Have you ever felt this way? Have you experienced that moment where it seemed like fate was on your side and all the planets were lining up to sing your praises? It is one of the most amazing feelings. This is the day that all future days in your life will be compared to. This is the day that was “perfect”. Every light was green when you came to it. When you bought a soda at the vending machine two drinks came out. You check your mail and find a rebate check that you didn’t even know you were entitled to. This is the “day of days” and you wish it would go on forever. Sometimes, this is where the day ends. The perfect day draws to a close while you lie in your bed reviewing the blissful events that unfolded for you that day.

Other times, the day ends very, very differently. On those days you might have left your friends moments earlier – still grinning from ear to ear. That smile might quickly fade when you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. The thought might cross your mind “Was I speeding?” Then you might trace in your mind the hours, or minutes, since your last drink. You could be calculating how much food you ate and if your body could have metabolized some of those drinks already. The police officer asking you to take a breathalyzer test cements the fall of this day in your mind. This day has gone from being the best of your life immediately into the worst day of all creation.

Owning a motorcycle can change your life as quickly and profoundly as a DUI conviction in Illinois. DUI laws are strict across the county. Illinois has put into effect laws making sure that the most severe penalty can be placed on those people violating the law. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, be sure you have the best help available.

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