Weaving DUI

There are many signs that Chicago police officers look for as indicators of drunk driving. Weaving is one of the most common reasons people are pulled over and given a DUI charge in Chicago. Once pulled over, breathalyzers and field sobriety tests can be administered to determine whether or not the weaving was due to alcohol/drugs, careless driving or something else. However, you are within your rights to decline field sobriety tests or have your car searched without a warrant.

There are three things you should do during and after you are charged with a DUI: hire a DUI defense attorney, work to get your license back, and get through the trial.

Step 1: Hire a Defense Attorney

The first thing you should do whenever you are charged with a DUI is to hire a defense attorney, ideally one who specializes in DUIs. It is important to immediately get someone on your side who will help you through the paperwork, court dates, and legal jargon.

A former client of mine was pulled over when he was observed weaving multiple times across the center median and to the side of the road. After failing the the field sobriety tests, he was charged with a DUI. With my help, the client was found not guilty of DUI. In addition, the driver’s license suspension was rescinded when the judge found a lack of evidence for probable cause after the cross examination of the police officer.

Step 2: Get Your License Back

Typically, when charged with a DUI, your driver’s license will be suspended. By hiring a defense attorney, you can get a hearing to rescind the suspension before it takes effect and leaves you without a driver’s license. You do not have to wait for your first court date to deal with a suspended license and you shouldn’t wait.

There have been several instances that I have dealt with where the license suspension resultant from a DUI charge has been rescinded. For example, one client admitted to having 6 beers, failed the field sobriety tests according to the on scene police officer, and had a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of .086. Working with me, he was found not guilty when I cross examined the police officer regarding the breathalyzer’s margin of error and found that my client was within that margin of error and I was able to get his license suspension revoked.

Step 3: Undergo Trial

Since a DUI is a criminal charge, the trial will take place in front of a judge where evidence is presented and a plea of guilty or not guilty is entered. As an attorney, I will be there to help you know what plea to enter, negotiate the sentence, and take you through the process without missteps.

Another client I have had the opportunity to help was charged with a DUI after the officer allegedly observed my client crossing the center dividing line without signalling to turn. When pulled over, he admitted to drinking and, according the police officer, failed the field sobriety tests. During trial, I was able to establish reasonable doubt with respect to the administration/validity of the field sobriety test. The judge found my client not guilty and her license suspension was withdrawn.

When you hire me, know that I will be working immediately in your best interest by filing the necessary paperwork to have a hearing within 30 days in order to get your license back. If you need a DUI defense attorney, schedule an appointment today.

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