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Vehicle Seized for DUI

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Illinois has significant consequences. First offenses have severe consequences, and each additional offense has increasingly stringent penalties. Penalties such as jail time, large fines and revocation of driving privileges are well known. An additional possible consequence that many may not be aware of is...
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Chicago Assault and Battery Defense Attorney

Assault and Battery are related but separate charges. Under Illinois state law these are separate criminal offenses. The main difference between the two charges is that battery involves physical contact between the offender and the victim, whereas assault does not involve any actual physical contact. Both offenses require demonstration that...
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Resisting Arrest or Obstructing a Police Officer

The work of a police officer of other public official is important to the safety of the community. For this reason, Illinois statute prohibits a person from resisting or obstructing a peace (police) officer, firefighter or correctional institution employee. According to the statute any person that knowingly resists a police...
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Possession of a Controlled Substance

Illinois recognizes the danger of drug abuse, and as a result created the Illinois Controlled Substances Act which regulates the sale, possession and use of many drugs. Lawmakers understand the difference between types of drug use and the difference between unlawful users and those trafficking illegal drugs. Penalties for illegal...
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New Plan to Ease DUI Restrictions in Illinois

Currently under Illinois law, a fourth DUI (driving under the influence) conviction results in lifetime revocation of driving privileges. Illinois lawmakers hope to change this law and give four time DUI offenders another chance. Secretary of State records indicate that 380 drivers in Illinois had their license revoked in 2013....
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Valentine’s Day DUI

Valentine’s Day should be a romantic day to celebrate with that special someone in your life. Make sure to focus on the romance, and stay out of the headlines by avoiding a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. A romantic dinner or night on the town may involve sharing a...
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Motorcycle DUI

Motorcycles are fun, exciting and can make you popular faster than just about anything else out there. Guys want to know the specs and how fast you’ve taken it. Girls want to take a ride - holding on tight around your waist as you take the corners. The thrill of...
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DUI Consequences

“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice” -A universal paradox that we believe we can do whatever we want moment to moment. The truth is that, at times, our choices have far reaching consequences. The less important choices are what to...
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10 Ways to Beat a DUI in Chicago

How to Beat a DUI in Illinois When you find yourself getting pulled over by flashing lights and a very official police car, your first response is probably going to be panic. However, there is no need to panic and every reason to stay calm and level-headed. Here are 10...
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Avoid a DUI in Chicago on Labor Day

With the end of the summer approaching and Labor Day marking the end of the season, many people are planning trips and organizing parties. As a federal holiday that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers, all government offices, organizations, schools and several businesses are closed on Labor Day...
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How to Avoid a DUI this Memorial Day

With the summer months approaching and Memorial Day as the first holiday travel period of the season, Chicago law enforcement officers typically expect more motorists to be on the road. Traditionally, there is a rise in DUI deaths and injuries during this time of the year with many high school...
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10 Ways to Avoid a DUI Traffic Stop

DUI traffic stops seem to be everywhere but there are steps you can take to prevent being pulled over.  Some minor planning and awareness can save you a lot of trouble and money. Maintain your car and lights. A broken taillight will cause a police officer (especially at night) to...
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10 Reasonable Suspicion Traffic Stops and DUI

In order for a Chicago law enforcement officer to stop a motor vehicle, he or she must have reasonable articulable suspicion that a public offense has occurred or is occurring.  A few legitimate reasons for a suspicious stop include, but are not limited to, traffic violations, equipment violations and suspicious...
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Does the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures even exist anymore?

Search and Seizure Defense Attorney A recent Illinois Appellate Court decision in People v. Neal, No. 1-09-2814 (June 29, 2011) Cook Co., 3d Div. is just another example of the current eroding of the Fourth Amendment. A Chicago Police Officer detains a man who is out on the yelling "blows"....
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Collateral consequences to a criminal conviction

There are many collateral consequences involved when someone is charged with a criminal offense that many people do not give appropriate consideration to when handling their case. What is a collateral consequence? It is any consequence of the criminal charge outside the court consequences, which I will call direct consequences....
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