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Timeline of a Criminal Case (Part 3)

The next stage of a felony criminal or traffic case is the arraignment. It is at this hearing where the defendant is read the formal charges against him or her. The defendant must then enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. If the plea is guilty, either through an...
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Timeline of a Criminal Case (Part 2)

The next court date for a criminal defendant charged with a misdemeanor offense is generally a status date for the defendant to have his defense attorney file an appearance and request any evidence in the case that the State will be using against the defendant. If the case is going...
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Timeline of a Criminal Case

Many people enter the criminal justice system in the chicagoland area and they have no idea what the procedure is and the normal timeline for a criminal case. In fact, some criminal defendants who come to court with no attorney or an attorney who has not explained the process to...
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Woman Suing Lake County Over DUI Arrest

This is an interesting story from the Daily Herald: A woman is suing the police and the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office for malicious prosecution and wrongful arrest for DUI. She was pulled over for DUI and Police and the State’s Attorney’s Office obtained a warrant to take her...
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Court Supervision Illinois

Is Court Supervision Always the Right Move? Often times criminal defendants and their attorneys think that court supervision is the best solution for a client and should always be taken if offered by the prosecution. In most cases, supervision is a very good disposition of the case. It does not...
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Chicagoland Municipalities Charging Innocent Car Owners for Other People’s Criminal Offenses

Dennis F. Dwyer is a seasoned Chicago criminal defense attorney committed to protecting the rights of his clients.  His extensive experience with DUI law allows him to provide his clients with the best DUI representation in Cook County. Municipalities in the Chicagoland area have been hit by this recession hard....
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Should Strip Club be Liable for Allowing a Patron to Drive Drunk?

The Illinois Supreme Court recently ruled that a strip club could be sued for allowing a patron to drive drunk. The patron then crashed into a car in oncoming traffic, killing that motorist and her unborn child, as well as the passenger in his car. See,Diamonds-strip-club-lawsuit_AU031810.article. While I feel...
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Texting While Driving

It is hard to debate the merits of the new Illinois law that bans texting while driving. Sure we all have done it, but it is hard to argue that it is not dangerous. Certainly texting distracts drivers to the point of creating a real danger on the road for...
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