New Cameras to Help Police Lower Crime

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In Beloit, Wisconsin police have begun to use new cameras in police cars to assist in investigating crimes. Police can use the cameras to find out more information about cars and whether they are connected to any crimes.

New Cameras Purchased by Police

Using $40,000 raised by confiscated property and money, Beloit Police were able to purchase two automated license plate readers. These readers can be used to assist police in stopping dangerous drivers and fugitives.

Two Squad Cars Equipped With New Readers

Police were able to equip two squad cars with these automated license plate readers. Each car is furnished with four cameras facing in different directions. As motorists pass by the squad cars, the infrared cameras read license plates, take pictures and send the information to the car’s computer. This will tell the police officer whether the plates are stolen, suspended or possibly linked to a driver with an outstanding warrant.

Automobiles Connected to Crime

One problem faced by police officers in Beloit is that many of the recent homicides are not taking place in the same area. Automobiles are the one connection officers are finding between the crimes. Beloit Police Chief Norm Jacobs hopes that “this device will help us keep track of certain types of automobiles that we need to keep track of and may provide evidence that will help us investigate these crimes better.”

Limitless Use for Cameras

Any database can be linked to the equipment, allowing the officers to catch any type of criminal. Police Chief Jacobs believes that the uses for the cameras are limitless. He also explains that using the system does not allow officers to pull anyone over or hand out tickets.

Cameras in Illinois

So far no plate readers are being used by any law enforcement agencies in Illinois. However, in anticipation of problems arising from the possible use of plate readers, the ACLU has begun legislation in Illinois that would create regulations on how police departments could use the equipment and how long information could be stored.

Criminal Charges in Illinois Require a Defense Attorney

Whether you face criminal charges resulting from a traffic stop or any other type of arrest, you will need a criminal defense attorney to protect your interests. No matter the charge, the law regulates the actions of police officers and what rights you have. Speak with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney right away to determine the best way to handle your case. Dennis Dwyer is a reputable criminal defense attorney that understands Illinois law and can help evaluate your case to decide on the best course of action. Call his office today to make an appointment to discuss your case.

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