DUI Penalties for Cook County, Illinois

Cook County DUI Penalties and Laws

DUI Penalties for Cook County, Illinois

What are the penalties for first-time DUI in Cook County?

Illinois state law determines driving under the influence Cook County DUI penalties and laws. Throughout the state, no matter in which county you reside or drive, the penalties and laws are the same. DUI laws in Cook county or DuPage county are the same as Illinois state law. There does come a difference in court costs depending on where you are prosecuted. Each city and county has a different fee schedule that may impact how much your DUI will cost you. These court costs are in addition to any fines set as penalty for the DUI.

Costs of a DUI

The costs of a DUI can be staggering, and this doesn’t just include the penalty. There are many costs associated with a DUI charge that have nothing to do with the actual penalty enforced by the court. A first time class A misdemeanor DUI can include up to a $2,500 fine as part of the penalty. Court costs and other DUI costs are in addition to that penalty fine. Other costs of a DUI include:

  • Vehicle Tow Charge
  • Vehicle Impound Charge
  • DUI Evaluation
  • Court Costs
  • DUI Technology Fee
  • Roadside Memorial Fund Fee
  • Fine Imposed by the Court—up to $2,500 for a misdemeanor DUI
  • Alcohol Treatment Classes
  • BAIID (breath alcohol ignition interlock device) device on your car
  • Attorney’s Fees
  • License Reinstatement Fees
  • Increased Insurance Premiums
  • Loss of Income—if you have to miss work for court appearances, jail time or community service

The amount each of these items will cost you may be different depending on which city or county you are prosecuted in.

First Time DUI in Cook County

First time DUIs are a class A misdemeanor in Illinois. A class A misdemeanor has:

  • a maximum fine of up to $2,500
  • a maximum jail sentence of up to one year

Since every situation is different the penalty will vary depending on the circumstances of the case. With a first time DUI there is a possibility of receiving supervision instead of a conviction. In the case of supervision, if the offender meets all requirements of the year long supervision, the case is dismissed with no conviction recorded.

Requirements of Court Supervision

  • stay out of legal trouble
  • complete alcohol education/treatment
  • pay all your fines

It is also possible to get probation or community service for a DUI conviction. Penalties are always determined by the severity of the situation, and aggravating or extenuating circumstances are always taken into account when deciding on the particular penalty. All of these penalties are separate from any court fees or costs that are owed.

Contact a Cook County DUI Lawyer

Cook County DUI Penalties

If you are charged with a DUI in Cook County, make sure to obtain a lawyer authorized to practice in Cook County. Dennis Dwyer is an successful DUI defense lawyer that has extensive experience trying DUI cases in Cook County. Whenever you face a criminal charge, it is important to hire a defense attorney that understands the law and can help you navigate the Cook County court system. DUI law is complicated and a good lawyer can make this difficult situation smoother. Call Dennis Dwyer today to discuss the particulars of your charges and to determine the best option for your Cook County DUI case.

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