How can I get a permit to drive if my license is revoked for a DUI?

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The first questions clients have when they get convicted of a DUI are how and when can I drive again. Well, the fastest way to get back behind the wheel of a car is to get a restricted drivers permit(RDP). If this is your first conviction, you can get a RDP as soon as you finish your treatment and before you complete your aftercare.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. In order to get the permit before the revocation period is finished, you have to show the secretary of state that it is an undue burden for you not to drive to work, school, medical appointments or AA meetings. The undue burden standard is very hard to meet. If there is ANY public transportation options, you are not going to be successful in getting the permit.

In my experience, undue burden is easier to meet if your job requires you to go from site to site or client to client, like a sales job. Also, if you work in a rural area with no public transportation options you may have a good shot at getting the RDP. Lastly, if you need to bring heavy tools with you to the job site where it would be unreasonable to take public transportation, you might win.

Author: Dennis Dwyer


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