Consequences of an out of State DUI

Unfortunately equal protection under the laws does not necessarily apply to someone who gets an out of state DUI. In Illinois, first time DUI offenders can receive a sentence of supervision. If the conditions of the supervision are completed satisfactorily, the Secretary of State will not revoke the DUI offender’s driver’s license. Unfortunately, most states do not have supervision. Thus, if a DUI offender pleads guilty or is found guilty of DUI, it will go down as a conviction on their record. The state will then report it as a conviction to the Illinois Secretary of State. The Illinois Secretary of State will then treat the DUI as a conviction and revoke the DUI offender’s license for a minimum of one year.

Illinois DUI Laws Out of State

Seems unfair right? It certainly is, but in law fairness is rarely an argument you want to pin your hopes on. Therefore, it is a good idea to talk to an Illinois DUI lawyer when you receive your out of state DUI. I would not be able to represent you out of state, but I would properly advise you of the consequences here in Illinois. Then you can make a more informed decision on how to handle the out of state DUI. Perhaps it would make you more likely to take your chances at trial. I could also help you get the ball rolling on getting a Restricted Driver’s License here in Illinois if you do get convicted in the other state. Once you complete your alcohol classes, you may be eligible immediately to get a Restricted Driving Permit for work or school.

How long will I lose my license if I am found guilty of a DUI?
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